Sorting Activity

Sorting Activity

This is a sorting activity that improves the concentration in children. This activity involves sorting of grains on the basis of their shapes, sizes and colour Age Group: This is a Fun Learning Activity for a 2-3 year old Development: Left Brain Development Skill Set: Fine motor skills * Concentration * Focus * Identification * […]

Collage Art for kids


Try this simple cut and paste collage art activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Besides being fun and educational for children, this activity is fun to set up. Age Group: 3-5 Years Skillset: It is an open-ended activity that helps children to develop basic skills in using scissors and tearing, which in turn helps in the […]


Jenga Blocks

Jenga blocks are elongated coloured blocks. Jenga Blocks Activity involves stacking and balancing of jenga blocks.  Age Group: Jenga can engage all the children and adults of or above 4 years of age Skill Development: It helps in developing fine motor skills, concentration and focus, balance  What will you need: Jenga Blocks How To Do:  […]

Letter Tracing

Tracing Sheet

Age Group: Skill development activity for children who are around 3year old Skill Set: This activity helps in the development of  Fine motor skills Things you will Need: Pencil, Tracing Sheet How To: Print alphabets or some simple shapes on Paper with dashed/ dotted lines (To download for reference click Tracing)  Ask you child to […]

Clip The Bowl

Clip The Bowl

Clip the Bowl is a fun learning activity for development of fine motor skills of children 2-3 years old. Fine motor skills help in the development of pincer grip in children that strengthen their finger muscles Age Group: This is a Fun Learning Activity for 2-3 year old Development: Left Brain Development Skill Set: Fine […]

Cut Along the Line


Cut along the line is a simple and yet power-packed activity which offers multiple activities, like tracing, colouring and cutting, all in a single activity.  Age Group: 3-5 Years Skill Set: Fine Motor Skills, Concentration, Focus  Things you will need: A Drawing Sheet, A pair of scissors (Child-safe), Crayons How To: Draw simple shapes (like […]